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February 02, 2004


neil w. robertson

i am an avid coin collector interested mainly in the history of the walking liberty half dollar. It has been rumored that Audrey Munson was the model Adolph Weinman sculpted the half dollar from and also quite probably the winged liberty (mercury) dime.

Patti Cassidy

Can anyone tell me if a documentary has been made after all? I don't seem to find a completed work listed anywhere and I'd love to see one!

Michael Reed

Dear Mr. Schumacher,

I just happened upon you website devoted to Audrey Munson this afternoon and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it! I bought the book, American Venus, a few years back after learning of Munson's story. You see, I was born and raised in Ogdensburg, NY and both of my parents and mother-in-law worked at the psychiatric center. My mother-in-law remembers Audrey as a "sweet and quiet soul" who was always "upright and beautiful." She was surprised to learn Audrey's true history after I leant her my book. I am currently researching for a catalogue raisonne of work by American sculptor Sally James Farnham (1869-1943, http://www.sallyjamesfarnham.org), a native of Ogdensburg probably best known today for her heroic Simon Bolivar monument in Central Park. I have often wondered if Sally knew Audrey. Perhaps there is no way of telling today. Regardless, thank you for "sharing" Audrey with us through your beautiful website!

Kind regards,
Michael Reed

Robert Winter

I am writing a short biography and possible documentary for TV about Audrey Marie Munson.
I would welcome any thoughts and ideas that you may have about your family relationship to her.


Thanks! Sorry I didn't see your message until now. How are you and Audrey related?

James Martin Kelly

Wonderful! Just a few years ago, I found out that Ms. Munson can be found in my family tree. I was very pleased, as I am an actor as well. Thank you for the pictures and info. I'll be back in NY for a visit soon and I will be stopping to see Audrey Marie while I am there.

Thank You,
Jim Kelly

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