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May 18, 2004


Kristie Hayes

Ms. Munson, I am interested in using your picture. Could you please contact me at klhayes20@gmail for further information. Thank you for your time.


The ending of Audrey Munson

1919 found Munson back in NYC, living with her mother in a boarding house owned by Dr. Walter Wilkins. Wilkins fell in love with Audrey and in an attempt to make himself eligible for her, murdered his wife, Julia. Although Audrey and her mother had left NYC prior to the murder the police still wished to question them and this resulted in a nationwide hunt for them. They finally were questioned in Toronto, Canada, where they testified that they had moved out because Mrs. Wilkins had requested it. This satisfied the police, but the negative publicity generated by the case effectively ended Munson’s career as a model and actress. Dr. Wilkins was tried and found guilty. Although sentenced to the electric chair he hanged himself in his prison cell before the sentence could be carried out.

By 1920 Munson, unable to find work anywhere, returned with her mother to Mexico and worked for a while selling kitchen utensils door to door. Thereafter Munson began showing signs of possible mental unbalance and paranoia and in 1931 a judge ordered the 39-year-old Munson into a psychiatric facility for treatment. She was to remain there for the next 65 years, until her death in 1996 at the age of 104.

Source: Wikipedia


Thanks Brian! As you can tell I haven't paid much attention to this site in the past couple of years. I put a new photo on my main site just yesterday, however.

Brian H.

I enjoyed the book American Venus, which I got because of your website. Your site is the first time I ever heard of Audrey Munson. I'm glad you posted this information because it is an evocative story (and pictures, too). I look forward to coming to New York City someday to take a tour of all these sculptures. Your photos are excellent, especially the Strauss memorial with the snow.
Brian in NH

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