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December 12, 2007


Susan Brehme Park

Thanks so much for creating this website where you have preserved beautiful photos of statues featuring the model, Audrey Munson. I was unaware of the fireman's memorial.

I am on my way to visit NYC for the first time in mid-to-late May, 2009. My Aunt told me to look for a statue of a distant ancestor of mine, Audrey Munson, at the library. I googled her name and was quite surprised to find that she was the model for many important works of art that I have admired over the years. I am an artist, so this will be very special for me to see the great works artists were able to produce due to her willingness to bare her natural body.


Great stuff. If you give me your email, I will send you some of my NYC walking tours and pix of statues in photo albums on Kodak Gallery.

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