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21 December 2003



rachelle was saying that the chocolate at chocolate bar is fom different chocolate places in the city and that the hot chocolate that they sell in the tins is re-packaged jacques torres hot chocolate. i do need to try city bakery's hot chocolate though.


We need to make a pilgrimage to Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor for some Mexican hot chocolate and a brownie.


i've actually never had either at zingerman's, not that i went there all that often.


Zingerman's brownies are the best. Just ask Penny! (that's an inside joke that only Romy will understand).

I was thinking of Zingerman's mexican hot chocolate when I made the chart! I fondly remember the woman with the sexy gravelly voice who said "we're out of hot chocolate. I'll make you some of our Mexican hot chocolate instead." She did, and only charged me the regular hot chocolate price. Customer service the way it oughta be. Not to mention the thickest, richest hot chocolate ever. Didn't you, colleen, and i once share one there?

I didn't know that about Chocolate Bar. Maybe I should just go directly to Jacques Torres.


Colleen wasn't with us that time. The three of us saw "Wings of the Dove" together though during that same Xmas holiday, I think. Zingerman's is the best; I still miss it!

Tien, did you live in the Ann Arbor area?


i went to u of m for college, so i guess i did live there for a bit. my friends and i never seem to make it to zingerman's when we are back in aa though.

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