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15 December 2003



your office looks fun. somehow i don't think my office would appreciate me publicly displaying my muppet actoin figures, let along decorating them for the holidays.


It helps that eccentricity is tolerated in academia. :) Just start putting the muppets where your colleagues can reach them when they talk to you. Sooner or later they'll warm up to them and start playing with them. Then you put another, and another, and...


joe - what is your job there?


This morning it is sleep late and miss the bus! I am the user services manager for CIESIN (pronounced "season"), which is a research center that is mainly concerned with human interactions in the environment. I'm responsible for customer support, outreach, lots of reporting. None of which I have much background for. Until recently I was, along with a colleague, Dr. Global Change answering all your global environmental change questions.

Gotta run before I miss the next bus!


Made the bus with minute to spare! I don't work on the Morningside campus, but take a shuttle up to the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory campus across the Hudson just above the NY-NJ state line.

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