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14 January 2004



thanks again for having us over. it was a fun time.

and man, my hair is long. it's always a shock to see it from the side, back, or like it is in that picture.


I'll have to eat at Amy Ruths. Sounds great.
We had a party "catered" by Bama's on Amsterdam between 157 and 156, I think - the food was FANTASTIC.
Joe - I love your photos - they have people in them. Is that Rachelle down on the end in the white shirt? Take a look at some of my pictures, on the web page listed.


Arthur, I started looking at your photos but saw the guy who dances with a dummy in Times Square. He gives me the creeps.

Funny you should mention people in my photos. For some reason, taking photos of people makes me uncomfortable. It may sound awful but I'd much prefer to photograph a storefront or a tree. Last night I just opened up the aperture, surreptitiously aimed the camera in a general direction, and clicked.

Yup, that is Rachelle chowing away. Haven't heard of Bama's. Is it soul food? I've been wanting to try Charles' Southern way up Fred Douglass.

Might I just add that I can still taste the delicious collard greens. Last night that was a good thing. This afternoon, not as good.

Dallas Lee BELL


We are neighbours [my residence is 18TH STREET & Lenox]

Send a reply when you have time.
Neighbourly Regards,

Dallas Lee


yeh, you are one sneaky mofo! i saw you holding your camera but didnt think you were taking photos! thanks for that one of me stuffing my face!


hee hee hee. It takes a sneaky mofo to know a sneaky mofo ms. let's-take-out-our-camera-and-start-snapping-pictures-while-maintaining-eye-contact-and-thinking-nobody-is-watching-us! jeez, I almost burst my spleen trying not to laugh when I saw what you were doing. ;-)


hi there,
congrats for the site,
may i ask your private email?


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