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06 February 2004


Josef Dittrich

Starry-eyedly hazarded risky guess. The quicker you regard yourself sort of a Columbus, the faster you'll experience (a) you missed India by (very) far, and (b) there's been lots of Amerigo Vespuccis having gone further long before.

I'm almost sure I've seen pics like this a few years ago on pbase.com. Besides, about 100 kilometers (a bit more than 60 mi) from my hometown Vienna, in Lower Austria's northeastern often misty part Waldviertel (wood quarter), there's for more than four months a year not only snow but so much hoarfrost often producing curtains of icicles even along thin branches that I doubt there aren't thousands of at least almost similar photos from there. Ice-encased stipes and twigs are a usual sight there - and most likely this also is true often for certain twigs' fruity ends like blueberries, red & black currants, or rose hips.

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