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29 April 2004



that mound of meat looks heartstoppingly delicious.


It was gooood. That they piled the meat onto the bread and into the basket with their bare hands didn't diminish my appetite one bit. I should see if they would ship bbq to NYC.

E Drucker

Order online?


If only... I was a low-tech operation. You might be able to call for pick-up.

Maryann Gorski

There were two guys chopping pork when I went to Pete's. They each had a cleaver in each hand. The owner explained to me that they do it this way to minimize the risk of accidentally lopping off a finger! (I grew up in a meat market and understand the importance of this.) He pointed out his son and his father working there that day, too. I enjoyed the mix of people waiting patiently in the two lines; every age range, economic status, race, and style was represented. Vinegar barbecue is not usually my cup of sweet tea (which I also missed - balances out the vinegar), but Pete's was pretty good and worth the drive from Elm City, where I was doing some business. The staff there had strongly recommended the trip to Pete's and I'm glad they did!


Just there two days ago on my yearly visit. As usual, worth the flight from Alaska. They will FedEx barbeque to most anywhere. Extra cornbread is cheap. Try to get a corner piece as that will be crunchier. Next visit, wander over to the produce stand in the side yard. Home grown hot peppers in vinegar to pour over the pork. They used to mix hot pepper flakes into the barbeque and that was wonderful.

Bud Thomas

As a North Carolinian, I consider myself lucky to have eaten several times at Pete Jones BBQ. When in Ayden, NC also check out Bum's BBQ as the collards and most of the veggies there are a must. But definitely the collards!!!

Drive up the road a bit to Greenville, NC and try B's BBQ too. It's on "B's BBQ Road". It has to be good if the road is named for the BBQ!


The "building sign" on your website is the real deal. It is an old sign but has been freshened up with paint.

Crystal Dunn

Ayden is definately "The BBQ Capitol of the the World" and Pete Jones will always be remembered for his wonderful Wood cooked BBQ. I know the Jones family personally and they are all great people. Sadly, Pete Jones passed away last week. He was 77 years old. The Skylight Inn, however, will continue to be open.


i work right beside pete jones bbq, i think we all here at the shop have it made.

richard Sugg

That pepsi sign painted on the side of the old country store (no longer in business) has been there for ages though it has had some restoration.


Good to know! The Ayden Collard Festival was mentioned on NPR this morning. I may have to make another trip.


Oh yum.. that looks good! Ok, I know where I want to go next visit to that area.. which is in about two months! :-D Already told my boyfriend that's where I wanna go eat next, cause he recommended it.

Brad Williams

This place is full of Ignorant RedNecks and Homophobic ass holes!!! They aren't too friendly to the Gay community.I'm Straight,I have Gay friends and this isn't a nice place to eat if you are Homosexual.


Brad, are you a redneckphobic?? I'm a redneck and I don't like it used in a negative way, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation or being ignorant. I got plenty of gay friends and if your gay friends want another friend, tell them to stop by and get a sandwich, instant friend in me.


Have any idea what road that old service station is located at? I live near the area thought I'd drive out one day and take a look.


It's a few (5-10) miles west of Ayden on 903.

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