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29 April 2004


john barthold

Really enjoyed abandoned bicycles pics....living in rural Indiana and having a 10 speed cemetery/graveyard, I do appreciate those poor old bikes left to fate or the crusher...makes me want to cruise up to NY and save them from the cruel end that awaits them....Keep cruising old buddy, and document the lost cycling souls....you might even consider a book...if you ever venture to sou. Indiana...come on by...I got some acreage suitable for hiking/biking...see ya
John B

mavis tripp carpenter

I was reared near Ayden, graduated from Ayden High School in 1944. I enjoyed seeing these pictures. Mavis Tripp Carpenter


Hi Mavis! Glad you liked the photos! Ayden seemed like a pleasant little town. The barbecue certainly was good! Do you still live in the area?

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