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28 April 2004



i can't wait to see the pictures from the "detour"...


I should have added "and will delight Atkins' dieters..."


I love these three pictures together. Romy and her cats look alike!

And those cats have the coolest kitty names I have ever heard.


Romy is going to be your friend for life! Delta 88 was named after the abandoned car in which she was found. I don't remember how Seryi got her name, but it involved a Russian named Petr and his wife Kat.

Perhaps Romy will read this and tell us Seryi's story. Then she could also solve the mystery of the hockey stick in her closet (she has all her teeth and has never played hockey as far as I know).


Here is the story from Romy on how Seryi Luna got her name:

"Seryi Luna's name evolved as such: I got her at an animal shelter when she was only about 7 weeks old; she was just adorable. (of course, she still is). Her fur is quite unusual, some pale greys and some smokey greys, with streaks of silvery blond. So, I wanted to have "Luna" in there somewhere - Italian for 'moon' to represent the moonbeams in her fur. Then, I emailed Kat and Petr, explained my dilemma in choosing a name for my new little one, and asked them to provide the Russian words for "smoke", "grey", and "fog". Of those words, the Russian for grey, "seryi" was the prettiest, hence she is Seryi Luna, my little Grey Moon. I love her!"

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