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24 June 2004



voice from above? i was following until i got to that point.


It was soon after that point that I unintentionally closed the safari window and lost the post that would have explained the mystery. I need some sleep!


The Corn Exchange Bank has been under renovation for over 20 years but I didn't know all the history. Thanks


I didn't realize there have been plans to renovate the building for so long.


I think that building has so much potential! Thanks for the further details...


It's a pretty neat building. Hopefully the developers will take advantage of the built-in rooftop garden. :)


Very nice snap-shot history of a great old building! Every day 250,000 people stop just outside of the Corn Exchange for a moment while their Metro-North train platforms at Harlem/125th Street station. I know the figure is correct, I'm a Rail Traffic Controler for Metro-North. Now.....if on just one day, each one of those commuters threw $10.00 into a box to stabilize the building from further damage.............Hmmmmm !


Joe, I'd like to use a couple of your photos of Harlem in an exhibit I'm doing. I'd certainly give you photo credits. could you contact me at this email, or phone: 212 650 8766. thanks.


Thanks for the info on this building. I have passed it on metro north trains many, many times and I always admire the beauty of the colors of the birck and the blue colored material (great contrast) and the dignity the structure still has despite its sad current condition. It is great to know that it is being renovated - it looked really beautiful in the rendering.


Holy crap. I had a dream about this building last night, I was frantically trying to find a photo of its former glory back in the 1880s. But i could not find it.(name)

I used to stare at this magnificant structure when it still had it's awesome roof.

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