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20 July 2004


Pollock Descendant

Trinity Parish Recs.
Pollock, St. Clair baptized 11/11/1792 by Benjamin Moore.
father: Pollock, George
sponsors: Yates, Mr. Richard Yates, Mrs. Ad. Dyckman, Mr.


But who was St Claire's mother?

Edward Sisson

Catherine Yates, daughter of Richard Yates (the one identified in the parish record cited above as a baptism sponsor) was the wife of George Pollock. Presumably she was the "amiable child's" mother, although I have not tried to verify this in church records. Both George and Catherine Pollock had portraits painted by Gilbert Stuart, as did Richard Yates and his wife (who thus were grandparents to "the amiable child"). The four portraits are owned by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.


Great info, thanks!

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