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25 August 2004



Why do you keep calling it Manhattanville. IT's Harlem.

Morningside Heights, Washington Heights and Manhattanville are all in Harlem. Remember where Malcolm X was killed? It was Harlem at the Audobom (excuse spelling) theater. What do they call the neighborhood today Washington Heights. At least WH has a name. Nobody says the name Manhattanville except you. So I guess when you're in the projects that surround the location, are you still in Manhattanville. I understand what you're trying to do. But nobody even calls it that. IT's Harlem. You must be from ot of town or bought the hype.


That specific area is called Manhattanville because that's the name of the town that was there originally. I don't disagree that it, much like Sugar Hill or Hamilton Heights, belongs to the larger area known as Harlem.

According to Eric K. Washington's book "Manhattanville: Old Heart of West Harlem", the village of Manhattanville was established in 1806. It was an important northern outpost to the city of New York through much of the 19th century. Washington has also edited much of a Wikipedia entry about Manhattanville.

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