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29 August 2004



damn, such a pained expression i had.


If only the photo could have captured the groans.

Is that my finger in the lower right? Damn, I'm one good photographer!


Nice photos, Joe. I think I've got a photo that rivals yours for a pained, drained expression from Tien. I like what you said about the minced clam being overwhelming. That makes sense, as it'd be like minced garlic vs. sliced. More surface area to taste.


It sounds like a good theory doesn't it? I was trying to think of why the pies would have tasted so different and remembered advice someone once gave me to fry all the ingredients separately in a stir-fry so that they retain their individual flavors. The same sort of thing is happening here, I think, the big clam pieces retained their distinct "clamness" but the minced clams spread it out everywhere.


Gosh. Let me say, as an italian (against my will): this pizza looks ugly :-)


looks can be deceiving, those pizzas were delicious!

Mark Katakai

Dear owner of this webpage:

My name is Mark Katakai, a writer from New York Walker Magazine ditributing free in Tri-State area. I am working on a story about New Haven and its original pizza.

I would like to get permission to use one of your photos in the magazine off this webpage, which is the picture of the white clam pie. If you can provide me with the photo with higher resolution (300dpi), I would greatly appreciate it.

My E-mail Address is katakai@ny-walker.com

Best Regards,

Ronald Goldman


These are the pizzarias I grew up on that Kim and I go to everytime that we go to CT. Look closely at the beautiful art of a real true brick oven pizza. You will be licking your fingers days after you finish your pizza. You have to eat there yourself to truly experience the very best. There are others in the area just as good without the long lines but, these are 2 of the most poular. Sally is short for Salvator. His wife and daughter still run the place. Right down the sidewalk is Pepe's Apizza. HHHMMM Good!!


Ronald Goldman

Hi Flo and Ruth,Ruth thanks for hooking us up with your friend Tomasso at Taoromias resteraunt in manhatten(mulberry street). your Mother knew my Great Aunt Antoniette Cassella, who owned Cassellas liquor store on Grand Avenue, and my Grandfather use to own Abatos plumming on Grand Avenue for forty(40)years! right across the street from Grand apizza. since i have been a little kid, your sauce still remains the very sweetest in the business! when in season, your broccolli rabe and sausage pizza is undisputable! and your bacon and onion rules! and your bianco and anchovie pizzas are the best kept secret! ANCOVIE HATERS, you will never know what you are missing until you sink your teeth into sallys' anchovie pie!! you haven't lived yet! your plain mozzarella proves what real mozzerella should taste like! and your tuna with red sauce is unparelled to your clam and bacon pie. i can't get enough of the flavor from the coals from the authentic brick oven, that leaves all the black soot all over my face and fingers!! your succulent thin crust will never be left behind! and my chin will never go without pure olive oil dripping from it. anyone who has experienced eating at your pizzeria has been truly blessed!!you need a twelve-step program(support group) for all new generation SALLY ADDICTS!

jonathan caren

pizza looks good to me

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