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19 August 2004



I'm having problems with trackback, but anyway...it was so much fun!


Excellent graphs! I am racking my brain for more ways to display wing night statistics. Perhaps wings per hour or hotness of wings? We need to get a histogram into this somehow.


You guys need a serious boost in the wings/person. We should talk.


Yes, the wing consumption was a bit disappointing last night. Based on four data points I predict we'll do much better next week.

Maybe we should start keeping track of the types of wings eaten. That would let us make nifty stacked bar graphs.


i think i'm going to take a two week wing night hiatus. it's getting to be too big, you know?


You've created a monster! I understand what you're saying. I should be there for the next couple of weeks but I'm going to miss a bunch in September.

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