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30 September 2004



Actually, the volcano story in the Dacron Republican-Democrat was more along the lines of "Two Dacron Women Feared Missing in Volcanic Disaster - Japan Destroyed", but you did capture the impressively parochial viewpoint of the article.

I actually found my own copy, and it has gone yellow with age. Then again, so have we all.


That's it! I knew I wasn't correctly remembering the headline.


I'll have the sandwitch thanks - I like the new word "wrap" -- has this word just come into use cause its eezier two shpell ;-) than sandwitch?



The paper is back! Just got a copy. It's been redone into book format, so it's not as authentic as the original, but is SURE is easier to read!


Thanks! I may have to get myself a copy.


Well, hey, local newspapers have to have an angle!

When the rainbow on your head disappears, maybe there will be a hurricane next.

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