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22 September 2004



Oh my god! This brought tears to my eyes. Best of luck to you tomorrow. If there's one thing I remember from growing up, it was my mother spending her summers tanning her arms and legs (she never wore a two-piece because of a scar). This past summer, at the age of 78, she had the Mohs surgery on her left leg at SIU School of Med in Springfield. I had never heard of it before then. It's exactly as you describe it. When I started reading your entry today, I thought, "oh, Joe's educating us in surgical technique for some odd reason." I had no idea this would end up being about you. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.


good luck on your procedure.


Thanks! How's your mother doing, Marie? I'm pretty good about avoiding the sun now, but I would often get sunburnt as a kid.


She's doing really good. They got it all and her doctor is confident it won't come back.


Wishing you health, healing, and happiness!


Stitches come out tomorrow!

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