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18 December 2004



wow, i wonder why there was such a quick response. maybe because you had such a good memory about his book?

Marie C.

It's good to know the Times takes its readers so seriously. I'm impressed. You did good, Joe.


Not that the Times would care but I did mention in my email that I wrote about the flip-flop on my website. My theory is that Bittman has been living on the edge, daring people to call him on the change, wanting to get caught. When he does get caught he 'fesses up (is that how you write 'fesses --as in confesses?). Or not.


Just to let you know it is not "grapeseed" but rather the correct name of the plant is rapeseed. FYI.

ingrid lambkin

So why is it still on the shelves in the supermarkets?


Because people still buy it?

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