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21 December 2004



The slaw looks interesting and good. We don't know what salt potatoes are back here, so thanks for that. Cloudy tea makes me suspicious, so I never drink it (if I don't make it myself, I'd rather just have the canned variety). As for the BBQ pork, just give it to me without the bread every time. And, substitute dill spears for the bread and butter pickle slices. When making your argument, you can usually disarm your opponent if you point your pickle spear at them as opposed to your finger. This works good at lunch counters.


The Dino in syracuse kept me sane for 4 years at Cornell, I was psyched to see the new one open in NYC (even though I live in San Francisco, I visit NY a few times a year for friends and family). I just got back from dinner there, and while it wasn't quite equal to the Syracuse one, it was a real treat (there is no good BBQ that I have found in San Francisco). There were some NYC only items, if i remember correctly (iceberg wedge with BBQ bleu cheese, salmon corn chowder, peas and corn in mint butter), they don't seem to fit at the biker bar in Syracuse

As for your sauce problem, I agree the sauce should be self applied (though I do like the sauce). The ribs are served with a light glaze over a great rub. I can eat the whole rack without sauce.

And the salt potatoes were fantastic, that's why I found your blog... googled for "dinosaur salt potatoes" to try and find a recipe =) I picked up the Dinosaur cookbook a year ago, but they don't mention salt potatoes there.


I'm almost afraid to ask but . . . are they in ANY way vegetarian friendly???? (Salt potatoes and cole slaw don't count - I'm talking ENTREES!)


That looks goooooooooooooood!


Well, not leaving NYC until after 1 p.m. meant no Syracuse Dino BBQ for me.

Marie: Those weren't ordinary bread and butter pickles, those were "house-cured garlic-dill pickles". Three tiny slices.

Dom: Thanks for the suggestion, next time I'll go I'll get the ribs. You gotta go to Oakland to get BBQ.

Romy: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! They do serve a chopped salad, greens and vegetables topped with spicy pecans.

Caren: Despite some reservations I did enjoy the food. Next time it will be ribs, beer, macaroni salad, and baked beans.


Food looks great, but the servings are way too large.... obesity


I had a chance to go to the opening party for Dino BBQ and try lots of different entrees, and though I found the food delicious, was overwhelmed with the feeling that it somehow didn't "belong" in New York--so spacious, hokey decor, etc. (This might just be a problem with BBQ places in NYC in general...) I haven't been to the one in Syracuse despite going to Cornell, but can see how it'd fit right in there. That said, if it weren't so far uptown, definitely fun for a big, hungry crowd.


AAAACK, that wasn't me saying it looked good!!!!!


The pickles are phenomenal.

Someone asked about vegetarian fare -- in the original Syracuse restaurant, they make a wicked veggie mac 'n cheese that is definitely an entree and not a side. It will feed you for a few days ;)


SALT POTATOES-you can buy small round potoatoes, boil them in salty water..you have salt potatoes,or you can go online and order them. tasteofcny.com
I recently moved to Georgia and cannot find a place that even compares to the Dinosaur.
If you don't want bread on your pork, order the pulled pork plate.....YUMMY!!!

Uptown Brown

I was surprised by the slaw at Dinosaurs too. Wasn't what I expected. I also found the meat a little tough. I was spoiled by Flint's in Oakland/Berkeley where the meat literally melts in your mouth. Dreamy! The closest I've found here is Virgil's...smoky flavor and good consistency. When Puffy's mom had the place in Brooklyn she had pretty good ribs too. As far as sweet tea...it doesn't taste the same north of North Carolina. Must be the water or something. Everything taste better in N.C. and Ga. in my opinion though.


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