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10 January 2005



I came across your site quite randomly and I want to let you know that it's quite intriguing. I really dig the bicycle series.


Joe, nice shots of the action! Do you know which direction they will be expanding the gates fro here on out? Is it going to be from the top down...did you see people working on the installation in other parts of the park?


Someone at work said they saw the supports on the west side of the park too (I've only walked through the northeast corner). The vertical and horizontal poles are scheduled to be installed on Feb 7th. The fabric drape will be wrapped around the horizontal pole and will be unfurled on the morning of the 12th. Check out Christo's site for more info.


Thank you for this peak at the preparations. I'm looking forward to seeing The Gates aflutter!

Big thumbs up from Basel, Switzerland!

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