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15 February 2005



Even though it sounds like a cop-out, gift certificates are the way to go for most female teenagers. They get to shop, *and* they get to pick out exactly what they want.

Love the site - I check in every day.

Matthew Jacob

I have been reading your blog for about 3weeks now, and it never sesces to amaze me. Thank you so much for all of the great pics, and a small glimpse into New York. I am stuck down here in texas :(


Teenage twins: Something fattening. Whether they like it or not.

On the photos: Your photos of the gates are the best I've seen yet, and I'm seeing a lot of photos of these gates. Too many, in fact. Except, yours are nice. Reallll nice!

Last night's rainstorm was awesome too.


Thanks everybody! The teens to be love candy from Chinatown, although I'm not sure their mother appreciates it. Maybe candy and gift certificates will work.

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