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22 February 2005



pat's signs changed since the last time i was in philly. damn, now i want a cheesesteak.


The signs may have changed but it appears that Pat's cheesesteak maintained the same deliciousness. I think a road trip is in order when it is a bit warmer out.

Baby Girl

You should've also had a chicken steak and some crabs from Sam's Clam Bar across from Pat's. Mmmmm


cheesesteak road trip!!!!


"whiz wit" should be "whiz wid". no t's in the philly slang. ie, water is wadder.


anyone know how /or what Geno's uses to make thier hotsauce?I love hot sauce on all kinds of foods.I tried cayeene pepper with vinegar but its still not the same.Geno's hot pepper sauce is deeper red in color.ANnyone know what kind of pepper /pepper powder it is?If you do and are 100% sure please email me the ingredients or recipe Please!


You shoulda went to Delassandros in Roxborough on Henry Avenue. Now thats a cheesesteak!

John Smith

Cheese whiz is gross dude... especially after it expires...


dels has the best cheesesteak, hands down. I went to the old Phila. Textile and had one probably every night I was there. Pats and Genos cant hold a candle to Delassandros


Did you try Tony Luke's???
Jim's is the best!!!

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