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09 February 2005



is that a shattered windshield?



Allen Rouse

I know this jack-ass, he knocked up my sister-in-law and doesn't support his kid, real dick. "Good Catholic Boy"

Robby Bananas

he lives in a garage in Brooklyn on Quentin Road between east 34th and 35th street.


I had the opportunity to hang out with Rockin Ray last night. He is a funny guy, a real character! Worth hearing out. He told me he does stand-up at Pips comedy club every wednesday in Sheepshead Bay. I just may go.
P.S. if you see him in the streets stop him and talk to him.


Rochin Ray rocks! And he is great boxing coach. Robby Bananas why dont you go and tell himthat "he lives in a garage" (infact he doesnt) He will knock you sorry A$$ out...

yeah yeah

he is a total nut job!

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