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07 February 2005



What are those gates?


Those gates contain a square of fabric that will be unveiled on Saturday. It is all part of Christo and Jeanne-Claude's


OK. So it's an installation. I wondered what those little black platforms were on Sunday.
Excuse me, I'm fresh off the plane.

Captain Clark

Ran into Christo and Jeanne Claude this afternoon, north park. Christo looked pensive, chewing his bottom lip. Not directly overseeing anyone, just in the vicinity. I told him I'd been watching progress, and he had good people doing good work, and that it was all gonna come off just great. He blinked and offered his thanks. Jeanne-Claude flashed me a brilliant smile and thanked me very intently and personally. I was ambivalent about this project, but now I'm hooked.

Even if the work crews remind me of moonies...they are all so eager and cheerful and chipper and so very very very white.....

at least thats what I've seen, your mileage may vary.

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