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06 April 2005



Actually, they had that name since about, oh, 1985. First shop in Powellton, then in Manayunk, then off South Steet (picture) then one in Conshohocken. So, frankly, they are not trying to be funny/irreverent. They just had the name a lot longer than you realize.


To assume that is giving them much more creative credit than they deserve:)


Just stating the facts. Not licensed to help with your issues, though.


Excellent salons. They had that name way before 9/11 (duh!)

Andrea Werbock

The Ground Zero Hair Salons started in 1985 in Powelton. The Salon is below street level thus the name Ground Zero. It was very sucessful and expanded to Main Steet Manayunk, Conshohocken, off of South Street and now Ground Zero Center City (1425 Arch Street).

Beth in East Falls

I am trying to find out where Joe is currently working...he was a stylist with ground zero in the 1st Manayunk salon space and then out on Butler Pike....

I dont remember his last name but he was the best colorist around. Any info would be greatly appreciated...

East Falls

lisa caliendo

I work at ground zero center city with wendy the founder of ground zero salons and I know the orgin of the name. "ground zero" is defind as the hottest spot of a nuclear explosion. our ground zero salons are the "hot spot" and with that ground zero of 911 has nothing to do with our name

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