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13 May 2005



sounds like you had the perfect day!


holy moly I wish I had gone. Wine, song, rats... perfect evening.

New Yorker

I showed this entry to my husband who said, "What a madman!" (Mr. Sullivan, not you! ) It sounds crazy but as they say....Only in NY!


It was definitely a good time, and the weirder it got the better it got. Good thing there's no recording of us singing!


I love rats!!!


Yes you do! Are lab rats what are known as fancy rats (which are rats you would bring home as pets)? Sullivan told a story that a young couple told him. They had a fancy rat. The pet sadly died. Soon after, the husband was out walking when he noticed an injured baby rat. He brought it home, where they nursed it back to health. This was a bad move as the wild baby rat got wilder and wilder as it got healthier and bigger. They had to get rid of the rat but were afraid to open the cage.

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