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11 May 2005



Nice shots of the turkey. As far as I know the turkey is a very recent arrival to the park. I first heard reports of sitings this week and these are the first photos I've seen. Between the turkey, the peacocks at the Cathedral and the Red Tailed Hawks who have a nest on one of the statues at the East end of the Cathedral, our neighborhood has quite a bit of unusual wildlife!


Wow, never seen her. I'll keep an eye out for her.

the girl

I saw the turkey and her offspring last night! ;)


Offspring? Thanks for letting me know. I'll have to keep an eye out for them.


I saw a turkey last week in Morningside Park at 123rd street near the northern-most stairs in the area behind the playground. It was my second time seeing one. The first time was about 5-6 months ago. That turkey looked like the one in the picture above. The most recent turkey I saw didn't look as big as the one in the picture so it might be one of the offspring(?) referred to. Methinks these are dangerous times to be a wild turkey. (And you thought the holidays were bad for you!)


Mmmm tasty turkey. Wish I had my 12 gauge (and a fall turkey hunting permit).


Are you sure she's not Zelda from Battery Park? Zelda has flown up to TriBeCa before, maybe her roost got gentrified, or her gent got fried and she's looking for an uptown love?
I saw her recently in a tree on 122nd in Morningside Park. Terrific!



The Morningside Park turkey is definitely not Zelda. Actually, this particular turkey disappeared from the park a couple of years ago. Nobody seems to know where it went. The current turkey, Hedda Gobbler, was caught further uptown and introduced into the park a while back.

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