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25 July 2005



that is one snazzy cicada. the ones we have where i live (new mexico) are brownish, not posh irridescent green!

this one looks as if she/he could speak.


oh my goodness, she/he has lost one of it's feet! ( in the middle picture)


nice cicada!

I suppose you will now be known as the cicada man of morningside!



very cool


Wow - Isabel is very observant! She's beautiful! I showed it to my husband, who'd never seen one before and didn't know what it was. We had a katydid on the inside of our screen door last year, another beautiful green bug! I put her gently in a cup and then onto a bush outside.


you should make a cicada pie!!

ew. nevermind.


I once had a cricket empanada at a Oaxacan restaurant in LA. It tasted fine but I could have done without feeling the little legs in my mouth.

Even with one foot missing it had a powerful grip.


My mom and I think we might have one of those cicadas is in the Chicago land area.

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