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18 September 2005



I was at Chambers Street, waiting for an uptown train, when a MTA employee told me that for uptown local service, I'd have to go to the downtown tracks, but for uptown express service, there'd be a 5 train on the local tracks. The only signs at the platform indicating these changes were handwritten ones intermittently strewn along the pillars. And then I went to check the service advisory bulletin in the map case and like you, noticed there was nary a word about the 5 train replacing the 2. So confusing!

Trey Desolay

The MTA has become service advisory-happy over the past couple of years. It's classic ass-covering behavior. The posters aren't meant to be helpful, accurate, or even comprehensible. The only purpose they serve is to satisfy some regulation.

Any time you enter a station on the L line you're faced with so many of these things that all you can do is sigh and hope a train will show up sooner or later.

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