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22 September 2005



I saw them painting it. Congrats


wow, you're pretty powerful in NYC!


Wow, you are a man who gets things done!

I like how they also replaced the taxicab with two family cars.


why do you give a shit about some crappy corporate sign?

are they paying you for QA?

Marie C.

You should print up business cards for yourself. I don't know what you'd put on the business cards, but I think now would be a good time mto do so.


I don't care a bit about the corporate sign.

I care about the look of the building because I live here. It was ugly and now it is slightly less so.

Why do you care that I care?


I like the business card idea. Maybe they could say "micro-beautification expert and Nosey Nate".


It's a shame it's gone, because it was a reminder to us all of how pointless and manipulative corporate branding is. When I walked past that spot a couple of weeks ago, I was glad for this rare exposure to all.


I think the old sign was more effective. The new one if you did not show the store I would think it was a different company. The building looks better, cleaner. I agree with you joe, if you have to see the sign every day at least make it clean to the public viewer.

P.S. Love your abandoned bike site. I to have a bike and attend school at Umass Amherst. I have the same Trek 800 sport since 1997 black/red crome with extended bars (horns) great shape runs like a dream.

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