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16 October 2005



Ginger and Ginger Express (the take out section at the front of the restaurant) opened to great acclaim last weekend. This is the most beautiful restaurant up-Island! Maybe for miles.

The stand out dish is the appetizer of beef short ribs; so if you are not a vegetarian, dig right in!

The chicken in a pot (and what a pot--don't fall in) is a delicious and subtle adaptation of the traditional five-spice braised chicken.

The menu is rather modest at the moment, but the chef is adding new dishes every week.

Finally, the pecan-cherry muffin is the best muffin I've ever had. It is just the right size (you know you aren't eating a 600 calorie monster at Ginger).



Thanks for the tips! I had take-out chicken lo mein from there on Wednesday. Pretty good. The beef short ribs were pictured in this week's Time Out.

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