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05 October 2005



I visited NY last July!

I Love Harlem!It´s one of my favorite part of Manhattan!


oh my! that's ugly.


The Kalahari? It's busy isn't it? They asked people in my building what we thought of it and the obvious consensus would look better if toned down.


hmmm...isn't the kalahari a desert?


It's busy but at least it is interesting to look at.


The name caused a bit of discussion. The Kalahari desert is in southeastern Africa, while most of Harlem's African-American residents, whether recent immigrants or not, trace their roots to the west-central part of the continent.


I tried several times to post a comment yesterday, to no avail.

I think I understand the concept behind the design of the Kalahari. And while it may be worthy and noble, I'm afraid it won't aesthetically stand the test of time. In ten years it could very well end up as one of those buildings from which we avert our eyes and wonder, whatever were they thinking.

Disclaimer: I'm not an architect; I'm just a person who has been walking by buildings for over 40 years; I'm often wrong.


Perhaps it won't look so dizzying once it is on a larger scale.

Typepad was having issues yesterday. I could see your comments on the admin side but they didn't show up on the site until today.


What a hideious building! I hope they change the outside facade. Yuck!


This building is pretty ugly! I hope they change the outside design.


Anyone looking into getting an apartment in this building?


My family and I are looking for a condo and considered this building until we saw the renderings. Marie is so right, after a few years this building will be an eyesore. That is the same reason we wouldn't consider the Lotus in Williamsburg, that and the horrible L train.


They have no plans to change the outside design. It is based on the designs of an sub-Saharan African tribe. The architects and developers believe that if can't buy into the design then you can't buy into the project as a whole.

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