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24 October 2005



yikes. i hope it didn't have the flu.


Chickens are illegal to own as house pets. Maybe he was at some market. He doesn't looked like a cockfighting chicken.


I was tempted to call 311 and report it, but it was after midnight and I was too sleepy and what would I say? "I'd like to report a dead chicken"?

Yeah, the legs and feathers were too pristine for it to be a cockfighting chicken. The last live poultry market in Manhattan is at 126th and Amsterdam. That's a long walk but I wonder if it escaped.


That is upsetting. It could have been stolen from the poultry market. Whoever took it was probably hiding it under his jacket, the chicken wriggled loose, only to get hit by a car. Joe, you should submit this as a premise for a Law + Order episode.


The picture, that is. Not my lame made-up story.


Out of the keyboards of innocents... they were filming an episode of Law and Order: SVU on that block this week! Maybe the chicken was the special victim. On second thought, I don't want to think about it.

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