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10 January 2006



do you have a post in your archives that tells about the Plastic Animals? i mean, how did this collection get started, and why? i see that they are important enough to you that you have named your blog after them. could you tell us why exactly you chose the title 'what about the plastic animals?' for your blog?
it's a very impressive collection!


The plastic animals grew out of a diorama several of us maintained back in graduate school. I didn't start collecting them in mass quantities until I moved back to New York and was inspired by the Hall of Biodiversity at the American Museum of Natural History. After seeing that exhibit it dawned on me that toy plastic animals also exhibited an amazing diversity of forms.

The blog started out titled "But what about the plastic animals?" I'm not sure why the title is so long and pleading other than a fondness for odd titles. My original intent was to include the animals more often but I quickly found out that those artistic skills fell far short of my intentions, those efforts took way longer than expected, and that I much preferred taking photos of everyday things while I'm out and about.


thank you for the peek into the origins of the title, and a bit of enlightenment about the evolvement of the plastic animal collection, which is so impressive. you will have to donate them to some roadside museum some day.

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