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13 January 2006



Ha ha! Loved all the "Poop Poems" and where do people find time to do such things??

I think for next holiday, you'll get some reindeer poop from me, Joe!


How cute! Thanks for the nice reminder to order myself some tasty vegan marshmallows. I can't tell the difference between them and regular marshmallows and I'm in heaven!



Ooops - here's a TinyURL version of the website.



I was going to ask if the vegan marshmallows were the same as the kosher marshmallows I've seen in stores but then I saw the link on the page you mentioned. Who knew there was such controversy in the vegan gelatin world!


I know, it's nuts isn't it!

Of course I can't count how many of those marshmallows I ate before they were pulled off the shelves. I was just so excited to be able to get marshmallows even though I didn't buy them often when I was an omnivore.
Luckily the ones I just purchased are made by the vegan folks who run Pangea, the vegan superstore, so i know they're reliable.

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