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23 January 2006



you tell 'em, Joe.

Elana Centor

Really enjoyed your take on the "Saddest Day of the Year", I particularly liked your explanation of why the formula is gibberish.

As the mainstream media continues to lash out at bloggers for being "snarky", and not doing their research, it is very interesting to me how many "mainstream" media outlets just run with this "gibberish" without checking the validity of the research and asking the obvious question--- Who paid Mr. Arnall to develop this formula.

Loved the hotdog photo. Makes me hungry and I had a great lunch.




Yes, people need to question things more! I can't stand the way people accept things without question. So maybe the 4th Monday in January will be a depressing day for me because it reminds me how unquestioning people are.


I think the most depressing day of this year was Tuesday, Jan. 3, when we all had to go back to work!

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