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19 January 2006



because it was easier?


Hadn't thought about it in that way. Yes, it was a lot easier, but that isn't the answer I was looking for.


well, i am stumped, in that case.


If you ever stop in at the St. Nick's Pub at the corner of 145th and St Nichols, say hi to Neville the bartender for me!

Also, I would recommend hanging out late there in the courtyard. Good times....


Because they are all gone?


Will do, Oedipa. I've got a friend that lives around the corner.

Steen, good guess but not correct. The answer has do with the history of those buildings. Full answer to follow in a day or two.


Because these buildings have just as much, if not more, history as the rest of the sights that you mentioned. These row houses on 135th st. are among some of the original housing built when the subway first came up this far in the early 20th century. Ambitious real estate developers hoping to sell the land and homes for a profit thanks to the new subway stop built up the street; however, it was too far from the center of the city for the kind of boom they hoped for, and instead many African Americans moved to the neighborhood to take advantage of the inexpensive rent, representing the first step in creating the Harlem we know and love today.
Is that it?


Exactly! These buildings are where black Harlem began.

Much of Harlem was built on speculation in anticipation of the subway. Because it was so far from the rest of town, and because the subway took longer to build than anticipated, the builders had lots of empty apartments on their hands. Philip Payton, a black realtor, took out a five-year lease on this block of apartments and rented them to African-Americans , who at that time mainly lived in overcrowded Hell's Kitchen. White Realtors then conspired to not rent to blacks. Payton and others responded by buying other buildings and renting only to blacks.

More history of Harlem can be found on the NYC Architecture website.


in that case, do these buildings have any landmark status? or at least one of those brown street signs to replace the normal green ones?

Uptown Brown

Good information...didn't realize that Thurgood Marshall Academy and IHOP were on the old Small's Paradise parcel.



Debra Hamilton

Why are the apartment houses in the picture named after women and places?

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