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08 February 2006



Because I'd never heard of them, I went to the Make My Cake website - the other location is at 139th and Adam C. Powell Boulevard. And their logo is funny. Have you ever had a cake from MMC?


I had a cookie once when they were at 110th street. It wasn't memorable, but I've heard their cakes are good.


Yay! Make My Cake! They have the most delicious red velvet cupcakes. Thanks for the info, Joe. I had been missing the 116h and Lenox location.


And thank you for the red velvet cupcake tip! If they open early in the morning I'm in serious trouble.

Uptown Brown

There is a new cafe, Sugarhill Java and Tea on 145th Street, that sells the delicious desserts baked by Make My Cake. Good coffee and sweet treats finally together above 125th Street in Harlem.

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