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06 February 2006



If the passageway from the 1/2/3 to the N/R/Q/W is any indication, that sign will be updated many more times before you ever see the stairs.


Gah! Since I am considering moving to NY because of career changes, all this horrible MTA crap really scares me.

At this point, whats more likely?

1. Getting mugged/killed/etc.
2. Not being able to get to work
3. Getting a decent (small) place to live within an hour commute to Manhattan when the subways are always this screwed


Pandora, don't let this discourage you! The problem here seems to be that the contractor doesn't set a realistic completion date and it keeps getting set back.

Complaints of us cynical NYers aside, the subway system is an engineering marvel. Although there are days when it can be pretty frustrating it works quite well most of the time. With very little effort on my part I can get to most places in the city for two bucks or less.

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