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20 March 2006



only 99 cents?? damn, i should have gone in.


i hope you do rescue the ice cream sign. i see signs all over the place that i want to 'liberate', but don't have the nerve.

i can't quite believe that taking a sign from outside an empty shop is 'stealing'. is it?


Maybe I'll bring a tape measure and look like I'm doing some actual work on the place. That way people will think I'm supposed to be there, but actually I'm just librating the sign. Then again, maybe I'll just take a picture.


i vote for actually taking the sign. go for it. i bet no one would bat an eye. (this is me, the gutless one, talking.)


What is a permanent French manicure? It's mentioned right there on a little sign next to the really neat stained glass window.


Good question. There's something about the 'permanent' that would make me think twice about getting one.

jay smooth

(being a westsider) I hadn't discovered until today that the 86th st. donut spot was closed, and I am devastated.

someone please tell me they have relocated?

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