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14 March 2006




I want a cup like that! Where'd you get it? Any deli? Associated food market? I need a new office glass too.



I found it at Fairway, 74th and Broadway. They also had pom-lychee green tea flavor.


It's pricey, but you need to try POM's Lychee Green Tea.... wow!


I am sorry to hear that you didn't have a great experience with POM Tea. I haven't heard reports of a tannic taste before. I would certainly encourage you to give it another try. There are 4 flavors and perhaps another flavor would be more to your taste. The Lychee Green and Peach Passion White have a milder taste you may prefer. If you have any problems with the products please don't hesitate to contact customer service at [email protected]. For those of you looking for the product it is located in the refrigerated produce section of most major grocery stores. For more information including a store locator check out the pomwonderful.com website.


so, i was looking up pom tea and found your site. i haven't tried the black tea kind, but the lychee green tea and the peach white tea are both SO GOOD. Probably better than the black, i'd say try them and reevaluate your opinion on the pom teas!

Plus, the glasses are great, seriously. ahah.


since you changed from glass container to plastic the taste of pomegranate juice is awful.i am going to switch to another brand!rmt.


I thought this tea was fabulous! Maybe you usually drink inferior tea. I thought the black tea with pom was really good. But I am a black tea drinker (PG tips only). Try a different flavour. I was defenitly worth the money!

Tommy D

Safeway currently has Pom Tea on BOBO (Buy One, Get One), which makes it do-able..

I absolutely LOVE the Peach Tea.


Hi there! I was searching around and I found your site, and I know exactly what you're talking about. I got the same tea as you yesterday and I kept talking about it to people. They go, "Yeah, there's better tasting kind." And I look around like, "Where?" It seems like it may be nowhere to be found.

It's not horrible, it's just... Not what I expected for nearly $3. But hey, at least a cute glass came out of it!

King David

I became addicted to Pom when I was out on the road. My family just discovered the Pom teas at our local Safeway where they are selling 2 for 1.

Love the free glass. It reminds me of the old Welch's jelly glasses (totally dating myself...)

Anyway, I have so many, I gave all my other glassware to the Goodwill. Makes a great pencil holder, storage for supplies. I love the lychee and the peach.

Love the logo, love the tea, love the glass, love everything!


Mae Beardshear

I tried it for the first time the other day and I like it...I am a big tea fan...It is a refreshing change from the teas I usually drink...



I never would have guessed Pom would inspire such passion!


I just purchased a peach flavored POM tea, after pulling the top off the entire bottom came off. Tea everywhere. However POM's Customer Service was very pleasant to work with and gladly took my report. It is a bit costly, but I would pay $$ millions to have better health. So I try to buy it a couple of times a month. Drink POM it's good for you!

Pearl Jones

Pom Tea. Yum. Just discovered it and it is very good.




It can get messy if you don't have a bottle opener.


I heard a rumor that POM tea tests on animals. I'm not sure if this is the truth. Can anyone tell me?


I have no idea.


Pom Tea is just wonderful. Its so refreshing to drink on a hot day. I dont recommend opening the bottle while driving. But open it very slowly so that air can travel in the bottle and once the top pops then pull it off.


POM does not do animal testing. I checked the PETA site. They would know.

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