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15 June 2006



Hey, thanks for the Flyover People plug :).

To go with your flatland photo, here's column I wrote about the landscape in western Kansas. http://flyoverpeople.net/vanish.htm

I've been to NYC (1992). Yes, I was one of those tourists, mouth open, looking up.

Having grown up on the treeless prairie, where it's possible to be the tallest thing for miles around, walking through in shadows of skyscrapers makes one feel very tiny.

Maybe I missed it, but why were you here? What brought you to Central Plains? Was it some exciting reason... or did you just come for our Amish geography and the easy availablity of chicken-fried steak?


I had a meeting in Boulder, and was wanting to get out of NYC for a bit, so I took the opportunity to spend a few days on the Plains. Chicken-fried steaks and runzas are powerful attractions as well.

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