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09 July 2006



i ride past these on my bike and i love the insta-art on the river...it really excites me to see them as i zoom by...


i'm not sure, but i believe they might be created by a homeless man who's in a wheelchair. if you see him perhaps inquire...yes i'm serious... i run this path all the time.

Tom Loback

A lot of those pieces are mine that you see, there are some other artists doing stuff as well and people taking some photographs. Here's a link to a flickr photo sharing site that has stuff from the last 3 years:


and from the NYTIMES July 2005:

Driftwood as Art, by an Unseen Hand by Anemona Hartocollis


Tom Loback

Oh and the top one isn't mine, the 2nd I think is, maybe (hard to tell from angle) the 3rd: 'Logs and Boulders' definitely mine - was up at the beginning of Cherry Walk at 125th St., long gone now, but I do stuff on that spot alot, love those pedastal boulders. And the bottom sign is not by me either


Tom, thanks for leaving a comment. I enjoy your driftwood sculptures very much. I hadn't realized there was more than one person making them.

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