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06 July 2006



Homely is putting it gently...they really haven't done much work in the last month:


Why are you guys hating on this building? Diller and Gehry together too rich for your blood? I will say one thing, though, as much as I like this building, it was built with the major help of some 9/11 bonds. I'm not sure how they made that happen.


Gehry's building at MIT looked horrible in process... but a really clever building emerged... patience, perhaps, is in order?


I'm not hating on the building (though I'm not exactly sure what that means). I just walked by it the other day and thought it was ugly. Whether a famous architect design it or not is irrelevant to me. Perhaps, as Matt says, once it is done it will look much better.

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I think the building is the best looking new structure on West St. Compared to the ugly glass terrariums that have sprouted up nearby this is inspirational. I especially like the blue and white glass skin.


It is very different from the rendering and it looks like an ipod - just horrible. I really wish gehry and his team would learn how to construct a building.

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