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12 October 2006



outta sight!


That is awesome! Can you decode it for us? Does the pattern follow light intensity, or color, or what? And how did you do it?


Steve, I was afraid someone would ask me that! I can't re-create this pattern exactly, but I can get similar patterns. Manipulating the original (180 pixel/inch) photo in Photoshop Elements there's four filters that get repeatedly applied.

Start with Gaussian blur with the pixel radius of like 30-60 pixels. (Just to show off that I took an abundance of statistics and remote sensing classes in grad school, the Gaussian blur adjusts the color value of each pixel by averaging colors of the pixels surrounding it with the closest in pixels having far greater influence than pixels further out.)

Anyway, what you'll get is a bunch of fuzzy blobs that look much like what a nearsighted person sees without their glasses on. Apply the Find Edges and the swirly lines may start to appear.

Repeat until the photo is nearly all white. Adjust with the Equalize filter to bring back the color.

Repeat the blurring and edge finding or try a different blurring technique (after some fiddling it appears that I applied the motion blur to the image above) until you get an image you like. It appears that a larger pixel radius on the Gaussian blur produces more "stringy" lines. Sometimes I flip the colors with the invert filter.

Have fun!

Jeffrey Zacko-Smith

GREAT pics! Autumn is such a wonderful time of year - even though, here in Seattle, our Autumn only lasts about 2 weeks. Makes me anxious to live back east again...



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