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13 December 2006



Have you seen the raccoons that live in the structure (arbor?) across from the Grant memorial on Riverside?


I've seen homeless people in there, but never raccoons.


Joe, was this in the evening or around dusk? I can't quite tell from the lighting. I recently learned that raccoons that come out during the daytime mostly likely have rabies. And, I think I also heard New York state has more cases of rabies from raccoons than any other state.


It was an hour or so after the sun set. I didn't know about the rabies/daylight connection. I'll be sure to keep my distance!

As a quick update, I saw the turkey this morning! Photos to follow.

Jake Barton

Hey my wife saw the Turkey in Morningside Park on Thursday, It was the male turkey, and she saw it at 116th and Morningside Avenue


I like the menacing glow of the eyes.

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