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17 December 2006



Sometimes I feel like doing that myself. Unfortunately I am too old now to not have impulse control and knowledge that that is wrong.

Oh, I hope the present is for me!!!!


How did Hedda get her name?


I feel your pain man. The lesson I learned is that you need to address the parent.

On a Saturday night downtown 2 train, I was seated next to a guy with his kid and two of his kid's friends. Part of the B&T weekend crowd that parks uptown and takes the train downtown, the kids were completely out of control, kicking each other wildly. When one kid missed the other and kicked me, I turned to the parent and asked if they were his kids, as a way of politely bringing attention to their obvious behavior.

The dad told me who was his kid, and that the other two were his friends. When I asked if he could control them, he said "well, we'll see." That means "no, I do not have the fundamental skills that I should as a parent." The dad then proceeds to try and hide behind the hand pole. I am not making that up.

So the kids continue kicking each other and me, and I ask the kid standing up "how is it going through life dirty, stupid and ugly?" This starts a staring contest between me and a kid less than half my age. Insane.

My girlfriend told me that the mature thing to do would have been to ask with a calm, assertive voice that the parent switch seats with the kid sitting next to me. She is much better at this than I.


How Hedda got her name is a long story. She was found at an apartment complex further uptown and was brought to the park because the first, unnamed, turkey had recently left.

According to the Parks Department, "Hedda Gobbler is named after Henrik Ibsen’s character, Hedda Gabler. Hedda craved her freedom and was committed to social conventions. Likewise, our "fowl" friend is also highly social and independence oriented. By habitating Morningside Park, Hedda Gobbler will join Zelda in Battery Park as famous New York City turkeys."


You are too old to not have impulse control?

I wasn't sure how to respond other than yell "hey". The father was far enough away that I would have had to shout and run after him. That probably would have made me, the total stranger accusing a child of assaulting me, look like a complete nut.

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