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15 January 2007




Can you please also include progress report, if any, on Gateway Condo II (second building) which is 2098 Frederick Douglass Blvd. Investors bought in 2005 with expected completion mid-2006, they are AT LEAST 12 months away from completion and Halstead continues to market/sell units in that building. We (investors) get no info from the developers - has been very frustrating to say the least. It's an empty lot by West 114th next to Society Cafe with just a bare foundation dug and a few trucks and rusty pipes. Any info you can provide on your site would be greatly appreciated! I'll also share with Saurin Park Cafe which posts info on this building/development (and give you free advertising here).
Best, DPH


I'll take a look.


Great update Joe. It's amazing how much new construction is going on in Harlem these days. How's the Kalahari? How is Fifth on the Park coming along? That's the one I'm watching most eagerly.


Thanks, Aaron. The construction continues on its impressive place up here. The Kalahari is up to nine or ten stories. It's big! I heard a rumor that the Harlem Market is going to move. If true I assume another apartment building will take its place.

Haven't been by Fifth on Park in a while. Not much happened the entire summer, but last time I walked by (~early December) there was some construction activity.


Great and nice work. Pictures of your construction in Harlem are so excellent. Keep up the good work.

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