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18 January 2007



scientists are so picky with their little details.


Yeah, and what about the cactus? I've never seen a cactus in any recent animated films that have penguins in them!

Also, is the brown bear in the first photograph eating someone's shoes?


Great display! I think it could be an example of how things might look due to global warming--when the polar bear will lay down with the cactus.

PS: Did you get the porcupine we sent? Also sent a catalog of plastic animals.


I'm so glad I found your site (via the NY bikes pictures), I love your animal displays. My children used to get chocolate eggs from Europe that had little plastic thingies in them, I secretly collected them when they lost interest. Maybe I should put up a tableau myself? ;-)
You have fun!


The bear's eating a salmon. It does look like a little pair of green shoes though!

Yes, the porcupine is proudly on display on my coffee table. There are plastic animals in the catalogs that I haven't seen before.

Thanks, Merisi! How could your children lose interest in plastic animals? You definitely need to make a tableau of your own.


While viewing your blog for the past 8 months, I've often wondered... what ABOUT the plastic animals?

Now I know. Thanks.

Great stuff.


There's more to come!


I am so happy to see the animals return. What's the name of the catalog? I would like one too.


I will send them to you.


Where did you get the animals??!!!


Dollar stores, museum gift shops, souvenir shops, pretty much anywhere.

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