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11 February 2007



hope you're patootie is warming today!


a coupla errors in your post "shipwrecked'. the boat with the graffiti is not 50-60 ft. long, it's half that at best and that photo of the wall you snapped is not the section that washed out & clooapsed 2 years ago. nice pix anyway...


I may have overestimated the length of the boat (probably closer to 40 feet), but that's definitely the wall that collapsed. See previous photos.


the boat is probably 20 - 30 ft max. get a clue.


Have you seen the boat? How do you know it is 20-30 foot max? Each of those letters on the boat is at least a foot wide. There's a couple inches between each letter, making the whole phrase about 15 feet long. Add that to the 15-16 feet of space toward the stern and 8 feet toward the bow and you get about 40 feet in length.

Why are you coming to my site and being disrespectful? There is no need for you to be rude. I don't mind you correcting my overestimation but, you should do so with facts and a supporting argument not an insult.


Joe, They're probably visiting from Curbed, like me. :)


I think that that is a J24 sailboat; 24 feet.


Jackie, yes, Curbed has been very, very kind to me! Unfortunately, some of their readers have bad manners. You should have seen the comments I deleted.

gThomas, thanks for the id! Could it be a J/133? 24 feet seems way too short. I've written the manufacturer to see if they can identify it.


the J133 is a 600K 45 foot racing boat, I would doubt that the owner of such would leave it in this condition.


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The J/Boat people got back to me. They don't believe it is any J/Boat model. They thought it might be a Pearson Flyer. The paint pattern looks right but the hull looks different to me.

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